Perceptions and Recognitions Realized

On February 3, 2017, the Greenville Museum of Art ( opened the exhibition, Perceptions and Recognitions; African-Americans of Eastern North Carolina.  We had witnessed quite a bit of the process of preparing for this exhibition, from finding subjects to filming them being photographed.  The gratification we felt seeing many of the images larger than life cannot be described.  More so, the pride in each of the sitters faces was something to behold.  The museum published a catalogue with the images.  Many of the subjects were coming up to each other and getting autographs next to their pictures.  It was like a scene from the last day of high school.  People danced and shared.  It was a very memorable evening.  We were concerned that the museum would not be able to pull this show off in the short window of time that they had.  Not only did they pull it off, it is something they should be proud of.  We witnessed a community come together for an evening to celebrate itself thru the power of art.  May this be a stone thrown into the water that has positive long reaching ripples.

The show is up until April 30, 2017.  If you find yourself in Eastern North Carolina in that window of time, don’t miss it.

The day after the opening, we looked at a few books of vintage contact prints that Burk pulled for us.  Needless to say, we were beyond blown away.  From MLK Jrs. Funeral, Woodstock, protests, the KKK.  We’ve reproduced a sampling for you to see.

On February 8, we gave a presentation to the Asheville Art community about F/11 and Be There at Revolve ( .  We showed the trailer and some clips.  Needless to say, people were excited about the film.

Next month, Jethro and Burk take a road trip from North Carolina to Salt Lake City, Utah, where Burk is going to be teaching at the Waterford School.  We hope that there will be some opportunities to film some roadside picture taking along the way.