11 times, the deep south, Zion

Theophilus and his wife Lawana. Theophulis was shot 11 time and survived. He has an incredible story to tell.

"The highway is the enemy of photographers"

I was fortunate enough to witness the accuracy of that Burkism as we drove cross country from Asheville, NC to Salt Lake City, Utah over the course of 11 days. Getting purposefully lost on backroads through eastern NC, Tennessee, and Arkansas, we stumbled upon some true gems that Burk turned into wonderful photographs. 

I turned 36 in Zion, Utah.  I cannot accurately express the joy of seeing Zion for the first time in combination with filming Burk doing what he does best - seeing an idea, walking out to the periphery of that idea, tilting the perspective on the ordinary, and pulling a beautiful composition together.

"36 and 1 Day..." 

The day after my birthday, we thought it would be good idea if I got strapped to the roof of Burk's van and filmed the drive through Zion Canyon. Both the footage and I surived, saving Burk from the dark task of explaining to an auditorium full of students and teachers that the film has been delayed indefintely due to the cinematographer having gone flipping off the roof rack and into the great wilderness beyond - his only visitors, the mountain goats who notice his broken body laying amongst their favorite balancing rocks.  

We visited the Waterford School in Salt Lake City at the end of the road trip.  Burk had been invited as a visiting artist and lecturer for arts week.  Bernie Meyers, the head of the photo deparment, is one of Burk's closest friends. The Waterford School is one of the finest examples of what is possible in Liberal Arts education that I've experienced.

- Jethro